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The first life-room escape game in Lisbon! Imagine you and your friends locked up in na old spy room with 60 minutes to get out... Are you up to the challenge?

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Spies in Lisbon Escape room Lisbon

Lisbon City of spies, follow our story while you escape our room.

[A bit of history...]

Despite few weapons have been fired in Lisbon during the 2nd World War, the city played a major role in the conflict.
In the cafes of Rossio and Avenida da Liberdade - lit by street lamps or the shining light - diplomats, spies and refugees from all corners of a shaking Europe. Guns in the Lisbon were of other kind: intrigue, betrayal and opportunism: a theatre scenario between members of both sides of the war.

In this period of conflict the Portuguese capital was the place where everything and everyone converged, attracted by the peace reigning in a devastated Europe and abundance for those who had some currency. 
The intelligence services of both sides kept Lisbon in an intense activity. All lived in the light of the white town with some glamor but intense  adventure to provide that information to each of their countries. 
Although our game is fictional, it is based on the true story that Lisbon was a mysterious city of spies!
We have tried to combine fun with history to allow you to discover a bit more about these times and the life of a double agent.

If you wish to know more about Lisbon as a City of Spies:

Lisbon Walker is a walking tour company that has a specific
tour dedicate to the theme. With them, you can actually know Lisbon and the
places where most of the spy activities occurred among several other