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The first life-room escape game in Lisbon! Imagine you and your friends locked up in na old spy room with 60 minutes to get out... Are you up to the challenge?

The Games Escape room Lisbon

Lisbon Escape Game is the first real live escape room in Lisbon.

we have 2 Games Available :

The Spy Room and the Mistress.

Game #1 - THE SPY ROOM

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Lisbon, 1940´s

In Europe, World War II in on its way to achieve its peak. Some of the most vital decisions are about to take place.

Lisbon, as the capital of a neutral country, geographically positioned in a place of utmost importance, is at the heart of where such decisions will be made.
 This old city is boiling with activity: thousands arrive every day.

At the same time, hundreds of spies gather, in a dangerous game.

The most brilliant of all spies was…  Jack Barbosa.

He has mysteriously disappeared… but rumors say that he had a secret apartment in downtown Lisbon where he managed to collect some valuable pictures and information about other spies that can influence how history will be written.

There are some clues to follow, but only a courageous person can solve the mystery. We can give you the address, but...


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Lisbon, 1960´s

Portugal is still living in a dictatorship regime.

News have spread that some attempts have been planned and made to end with the regime, but all them failed.

Jack Barbosa, the most brilliant spy living in lisbon at the time of the II World War, becomes a famous oponente of the regime and plans to overthrow it. He ends up being caught and jailed, and no one knows about him and his fate.

Years before he met the woman of his life who´s secretly becomes his lover: Amélia.

All men have their weakness...

All men have their weakness...

After years of living with Jack she learns some of his spy capabilities but applies them in a subtle way that only a woman can have

When Jack disappeares at the regime´s hands, Amélia swears to continue Jack´s mission and to revenge his disappearance. After a short period "the beggining of the end" happens with the  "casualty" of a leader that falls from his chair.

But just like in Jack´shistory, "not everything is what it seems"....